I’ve had the pleasure of working with Aimee for the last 2 years. During this time Aimee and I worked side by side as graphic designers for Bluebird Botanicals.

Aimee was first brought on as a Graphic Production Artist for the marketing team and hit the ground running from day one. When she started we were at the peak of the CBD boom and, as one can imagine, we were BUSY! Her primary tasks as Production Artist were to manage and make design updates and communicate label changes cross-departmentally. This required a strong sense of version control, strong communication skills, a keen eye for detail, and a full understanding of Graphic Design principals. With the constantly changing regulatory nature of the CBD industry, anyone in this role would have to be agile and precise, which she succeeded in without a doubt. Her ability to quickly knock-out hundreds of assets in a short amount of time was a huge benefit to Bluebird.

After a little more than a year working as a Graphic Production Artist, her creative mind and design sense was fully recognized by leadership and she was promoted to Graphic Designer. During her time as Graphic Designer she continued to manage all of Bluebird’s packaging and label designs as well as establish new designs and design systems for the Bluebird Brand. In addition to owning packaging design, Aimee also took ownership of designing for Bluebird’s social media channels and display ads, which often helped the company hit revenue goals.

Aimee brings originality, quirky ideas, a fantastic attitude and years of experience as a designer to the table. Her constant willingness to learn and seek out new knowledge makes her a truly valuable team member. Her southern spirit and positivity would be a beam of light on any team!”

Brittany Giles
Senior Graphic Designer
Bluebird Botanicals

As a designer, Aimee has the unique ability to balance creativity with unmatched attention to detail. Aimee has led projects on our team from product label design to web content design to building out design concepts for entirely new brands. Every body of work Aimee touches ends up delivering world-class results. Aimee’s passion for perfection, top-tier work ethic and consistently strong performance will all make an immediate impact on any business she joins. Aimee’s personality and character also make her a joy to be around. Would highly recommend Aimee for all your design needs, across virtually all platforms.

Josh Luman
Chief Executive Officer
Bluebird Botanicals

I can’t sing the praise any higher for Aimee’s professionalism or ability. She is a great person and amazing coworker. I’ve never known her to be anything but superb at her work. Any one would be lucky to work along side her as I have over the last two years.

Ralph Legge
Sr Web Developer and Technical Project Manager
Bluebird Botanicals

Aimee is an extremely skilled designer. I had the pleasure of working with her designing and (re)designing packing for Bluebird Botanicals. She also would jump in and tackle anything design related that we had. She is multi-faceted and can do packaging design, digital design, landing pages and print. I would hire Aimee again if I had the chance.

Vincent Mario (Vinny) Chiclacos
Vice President Marketing
Bluebird Botanicals

Aimee is one of the most talented designers I’ve worked with. One of her biggest accomplishments was managing Bluebird’s labeling process. During her time at Bluebird they underwent two major label redesigns for over 50 SKUs. And when she experienced issues with how labels weren’t being properly viewed, Aimee dived in and rebuilt Bluebird’s internal processes to better handle and manage the product labels. Watching her tackle that particular issue was amazing.

With design, Aimee effectively balances both design and production. She knows when she can blaze through a project but also when a deeper dive is needed to build a solid design framework.

Jason Nelson
Marketing Director
Bluebird Botanicals

Aimee brings a high level of professionalism and creativity to her work. She is incredibly efficient, attentive to detail, and resourceful in her approach to design projects. As a true team player, Aimee manages multiple projects and deadlines with expertise and a great attitude.

Since joining Bluebird Botanicals, she has significantly helped evolve the visual identity of the brand and has worked collaboratively with multiple departments to help the company meet its business goals. She always has a finger on the pulse of new design trends and is constantly seeking creative inspiration and opportunities for development. Her sharp skills and gracious personality make her a vital asset to any team.

Grace Kaucic
Sr. Content & Communications Manager
Bluebird Botanicals

Aimee joined my team in a temporary capacity to provide brokerage admin assistance while one of my staff was on leave. She quickly proved herself in many other areas as well! Aimee is a dedicated team player who works diligently and likes to be busy. She asserted herself and offered to help on many projects including many graphic design tasks. I appreciated her eye for design, her positive attitude, and her willingness to be flexible during a transitional time for our staff.

Greta Huss
Operations Manager
Marcus & Millichap

My wife and I own All Star Signs & Specialties in Lafayette and we hired Aimee Cormier from a local competitor after the first interview. We were initially impressed with her drive, attention to detail, and organizational skills. This trait is imperative in our line of work. Her attention to detail was like none I have seen. She insisted that all of her work was consistent, crisp and clean before moving to our clients. She was our gatekeeper for quality control and her mistakes during the time she was employed were minimal. I would definitely consider her for rehire.

Hunter Trahan
All Star Signs & Specialties

Aimee listens well to our needs. She is very prompt and does excellent work!

Paul Schexnayder
Painter, Entrepreneur

This woman is a combination of creative spark and dependability that is so rare. Aimee is such a great human being and that makes being in the same room a wonderful experience. She is brave. She is talented. She will never let you down.

Julie Calzone
Calzone & Associates

Thank you again Aimee for another winning design. It’s has been a pleasure working with you on both special events. You listened to our ideas, provided several well thought out designs to choose from and delivered outstanding final designs on both projects. Your creativity and friendly professionalism make for a winning combination.

Tonya Romero & Todd Badeaux
Taunt Na Na’s Flea Market

Aimee is a great team player. She is superbly organized, reliable and a hard worker. She helped generate new ideas and cheerfully tackled any project assigned to her. She follows through on details, executes well and meets deadlines. She was always the first to volunteer around the office and assist others in the company operations.

Cherry Fisher May
Acadiana Lifestyle

Aimee proved to be a self starter to regularly assigned job duties. When presented new job duty, Aimee was always receptive to leaning new job duties with minimal instruction. Aimee’s enthusiasm, willingness to learn and never back down attitude proved to be positive attributes to her focus on the future.

Dwayne Doobie Judice
Assistant Director of Operations
Iberia Parish Convention & Visitors Bureau